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Maileg Wellness Set

Maileg Wellness Set

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Maileg pre-order item! These delightful mice, bunnies, and accessories are due September 2024

Order yours today and be among the first to receive them! For more information on pre-orders, don’t miss visiting our pre-order policy page.

Maileg Wellness Set: Pamper Your Little Maileg Friends

Give your Maileg bunnies size 1 & 2 and Teddy family members a spa day with the adorable Maileg Doll-Sized Wellness Set! This charming set includes everything your little Maileg friends need for a relaxing bath time:

  • Soft Towel: A cozy towel to dry off after a refreshing bath.
  • Playful Bathing Hat: A delightful hat keeps water out of their eyes and adds a touch of whimsy.
  • Bath Mitten: Perfect for gentle scrubbing and bath time fun.
  • Suitable for: Maileg bunnies size 1 & 2 and Teddy family.
  • Height:  120cm
  • Width: 120cm
  • Material: 55% linen 45% cotton
  • Filling: Polyester
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