Are you ready to start your Maileg collection?

If you’re ready to start collecting Maileg but just don’t know where to start discover our top tips on building your collection.

1. Go for personality 

Part of the Magic of Maileg is the individuality of each of the mice and friends. Choose a Maileg toy to match your personality.

It could be a ballerina mouse to match a little one who has just started ballet lessons. Perhaps the big brother or big sister mouse for a new sibling arriving in the family. Alternatively start with the tooth fairy mouse, perfect for a child who has lost a tooth, making the cutest gift and something to treasure for the years ahead. For those superhero’s the Maileg mouse superhero is always there for those brave moments.


2. Mix and Match

All Maileg toys can be mixed and matched, don’t worry if you like a few different styles, they all love being friends and are part of one big Maileg family.

3. Collect a theme

Many enjoy collecting particular themes, from ballet, and camping to the Royals. Opt for one of your hobbies or a personal favourite.

Which Maileg product should I start with?

Maileg Mice

Maileg mice are loved by everyone, and suitable for any age group. There are many different mouse themes along with three generations to the mice family. Maileg mice are perfect for children’s gifts, and ideal for taking along on little ones’ travels, the perfect pocket size.


The Maileg collection has three generations; including the Maileg baby mouseMaileg little sister mouse, Maileg big sister mouseMaileg big brother mouse, and Maileg mum & dad mouse.

Bunnies & Rabbits

Maileg bunnies and rabbits are truly special in the Maileg collection. Both are available in handheld or lifesize. Children love the comforting nature of the soft cotton and linen fabrics of these collections.

Soft toys

Animal friends are super soft and super huggable for babies and smaller children. Perfect for children from a young age to help support and develop with them as they grow.