Maileg Mice and the Magic of Valentine's Day

Maileg Mice and the Magic of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is upon us, and what better way to celebrate love's than our love for the heartwarming charm of Maileg mice, 

These super cute, whimsical creatures, with their linen ears and button eyes, bring a touch of Nordic magic to any Valentine's Day. From playful pals to enchanting partners, Maileg mice offer a treasure trove of gift ideas guaranteed to steal hearts of all ages.

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Discover our Maileg Valentines gift ideas for little ones:

Maileg mice for little adventures

Pocket sized Maileg pals perfect for all adventures, becoming little ones travel friends. Shop the collection of Maileg ballerina mice, Maileg fairy mice and the Maileg family 

Maileg mice for the cutest Maileg gift and adventures

Maileg Special Bundles 

Who doesn't love a Maileg bundle! These cute Maileg gift sets are ready to share with loved ones. Each packed in giftable bags with a little Mouse in a Box sticker. 

Maileg Special Valetines Day Bundles

A Fairy Tale Romance

Gift a Maileg fairy mouse, complete with shimmering wings and a heart-shaped wand. They'll sprinkle a touch of fairy dust magic on any Valentine's Day celebration.

A Fairy Tale Romance

Accessories and more 

If your loved one already has a wonderful selection of Maileg mice already, there are so many accessories to explore. Including the sweetest Maileg tea and biscuits for two set, and Maileg afternoon tea set

Maileg Accessories and more

Beyond the Gift

Maileg mice are more than just gifts; they're invitations to play, to create stories, and to celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Happy Valentine's Day!

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