The sweetest Maileg Spring Summer 2024 collection

The sweetest Maileg Spring Summer 2024 collection

The Maileg SS24 collection has officially arrived! We are so excited to share with you all the new collection packed full of your favourite Maileg mice, Maileg bunnies and rabbits, and Maileg furniture and accessories. 

Maileg Spring Summer 2024 collection, fairytale Maileg pumpkin carriage and royal mice

There are so many favourites of the new Maileg Spring Summer 2024 collection it's been hard not to share with you the entire collection! Here's a few of our favourites which we know you will love including the Maileg pumpkin carriage, Maileg tooth fairy moon, and the return of the Maileg circus collection

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Maileg Fairytale Pumpkin Carriage 

It's back! and the fairytale continues with the return of the Maileg pumpkin carriage.
Let the fairytale begin… The perfect carriage for the royal mice family when they have to go outside the castle. This is the cutest fairytale carriage which is fit for any royal prince or princess. This much loved carriage fits a Maileg mouse perfectly, with a cute little handle which can be pulled long by little hands. The Maileg pumpkin carriage is a lovely rusted orange colour with a little pumpkin stem at the top. The little wheels will keep the Maileg mice stable on their journey. 

Maileg SS24 Moon, L'aventure de la lune

How cute is this Maileg tooth fairy accessory the sweetest tooth fairy moon and home accessory. When the day turn into night the moon will shine and make everyone feel safe. This soft moon is perfect for decoration in the childrens room. It has a small pocket to store your tooth fairy and has a lovely embroidery on front.

Maileg Circus collection has returned! 

It may only be little Maileg clothes but we couldn't be more excited for the circus collection to return. This best-selling collection has been on everyones eagerly awaiting list. It's finally here, and how cute are the suitcase clothes set. These sets of clothes fit the Little Brother and Little Sister size mice.  

New Maileg Tooth Fairy Mice 

The new Maileg tooth fairies have arrived! Complete in their matchbox beds, and are available in rose and blue. At night the tooth fairy spreads fairy dust, collects teeth and brings treats and make sure you have sweet dreams. Dressed magically and sleep tight in soft bedlinen - includes tooth box and matchbox. 

New Maileg Mice

The cutest Maileg mice are now available from the Maileg Spring Summer collection. From the new Maileg big brother and sister, the Maileg little brother and sister to the Maileg sleepy wakey babies. 

Maileg Spring Summer Bunnies & Rabbits

There is the cutest collection of Maileg bunnies and rabbits now available for pre-order, including Maileg bunnies in size 1, 2 and 3. Along with Maileg rabbits in size 1,2, and 3. 

Heaps of Maileg accessories to enjoy

There's so many Maileg Spring Summer accessories to love! From the Maileg powder pink rocking chair before for any Maileg castle or dollshouse. To the Maileg mouse picnic set or grocery set - sure to keep your mice busy with little hands. 


Maileg Transport

Mice like anyone need their own form of transport and for the Maileg SS23 collection there's a variety to choose from from the tricycles to the updated colour chairs. 




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