Maileg step by step guide to mouse sizes

Step by step guide to Maileg Mouse sizes

Get to know the Maileg mouse sizes with our handy step by step guide to understanding what the sizes all mean. If you’re building a dollhouse for your Maileg mice this guide will help you know what size furniture you need.

There are three generations of Maileg mouse, each with different themes, but there are four different sizes of the Maileg Mouse family. Let’s break them down:

Mums and Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas are 15.2cm tall

Big Brothers and Sisters are 12.7cm tall

Little Brothers and Sisters are 8.9cm Tall

Baby mouse are 6.4cm tall

Now, how to match your Maileg mouse to their dollhouse furniture. We’ve pulled together this useful guide for understanding it all.

Maileg Mouse 

Mouse Size

What size furniture do I fit?

Baby mouse


MY/ Micro

Little brother & sister mouse



Big brother & sister mouse



Mother & Father mouse



Grandfather mouse




Don’t forget to head over to our Maileg size guide for more details on Maileg mouse sizes.

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